Diabetic Food List for Lactose Intolerant

Lactose intolerance, also called lactase deficiency, lies in the lack of ability to fully digest milk sugar (lactose). This deficiency is usually not dangerous, but its symptoms are bad enough to convince people with lactase deficiency not to consume dairy products.

Most people who are diabetic suffer from this problem and have a hard time finding foods that they would eat and whether it is even safe for them. Since milk is such a commonly consumed food for breakfast and in cooking, it is important to know which other alternative foods to take.

As with any food, the main concern with milk is its sugar content. But almost every food has at least some level of sugar, including milk. But there is good news about the sugar that is present in milk. This particular sugar, which is called lactose, is also known as milk sugar. Lactose is good for diabetics due to the fact it is converted to blood sugar rather slowly. While this is good news for many diabetics, it comes as little comfort for those who are lactose intolerant.

Because taking milk and sugar out of someone’s diet is such a big deal, sincerely speaking.

However, the following are list foods which LACTOSE INTOLERANT DIABETICS can help themselves with:

There are milk varieties that are lactose-free which would still allow a person with diabetes to benefit from the other properties of milk.  Out of the various varieties of lactose-free milk currently on the market, goats milk and soy are, by far, the two most popular. While the taste may take some getting used to, each offers significant nutrients and minerals as compared to cow’s milk, but without some of the negative stigmas attached.

Soy milk

Many people seem to be allergic to soy. As well soy acts a little like estrogens, meaning it’s estrogenic. But you can take it if you have lactose intolerance and you would go on just fine.

Goat milk

People who are casein-sensitive should be aware that any milk from a mammal contains casein protein, but people with lactose intolerance have nothing to worry about.

Rice milk

This option to consider, as their aren’t many lactose-free products available. However, it’s sold at health food stores and also at grocery chains.

Almond milk

This is another very good product which is also available in health food stores and grocery chains.

Morose, rice milk, and almond milk are casein and lactose-free, but they provide your body with essential fats and minerals. You can use them in any recipe that calls for milk and even in your coffee.

Also, it would do some good to ask a doctor or even pharmacists to provide you with some lactose breaking down enzymes…….which would help you break down the lactose; your body cannot break down due to deficiency of the lactase enzyme.