Fat Preventing Foods

Prevent fat build up in your diet by switching your foods to healthier options. Remember to have a good diet and healthy food does not necessarily mean you have to eat disgusting food. There are some great tasting alternatives out there in the supermarket waiting for you to buy instead.

By reducing your fat intake in your food you will also help other ailments that you might possibly have, this includes diabetes risk, cardiovascular disease risk etc…

Also remember in any diet, eating anything in moderation is a must. Do not buy only one thing and eat that every single day. Mix it up a little and try different food items and combinations of things. This is the key as well as resisting the urge to have take-out. If in doubt, make food at home and prepare it yourself. This way you know what is exactly in your food and it forces you to go to the supermarket and educate yourself. If anyone has told you that losing weight/staying healthy and having a sustainable ‘diet’ is a culture, then they are right. It is a way of life, and most overweight people have deviated from this healthy way of life either by loss of time in their busy lifestyles or because they are lazy and go for the quick and easy option, or a combination.

So some fat preventing food are:

Vegetables and fruit, fish, lean meat and lean chicken. Soups, with low fat milk/ dairy are also good for preventing fat.

Buying some very tasty tinned cans of tuna from the supermarket and making a sandwich for lunches with lettuce an tomatoes are a healthy alternative to the greasy hamburger at a fast food chain. These simple substitutions in your diet will soon see yourself on the way to a healthier you which is lower in diabetes risk and cardiovascular disease risk.