Stinging Nettle Soup and its benefits

stinging nettleStinging nettle is most commonly known for its fierce sting among most western children and young adults who unfortunately experience it at an early age in the country side. Little do they know that for centuries eastern cultures harvest this ‘weed’ and eat it… They eat it?

Yes, nettle soup has long been apart of cultures like the Nepalese who cook it into a soup styled broth. Recently western science has discovered that the nettle plant contains a whole host full of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to a long list of ailments and not just preventing the onset of diabetes. Nettle has been found to help as a diuretic helping urination. It can help aid in hormone regulation to reduce BPH in men. (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) which in turn stops the prostate pressing on the Urethra to alleviate urination. Stinging Nettle is also known to help pregnant women, reduce painful labour and help with lactation; assist in heart health, circulation of the body and detoxify the body.

Nettle is high in iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, silica, chorophyll, Vitamin C and D. There are some preliminary evidence that consumption of stinging nettle can prevent diabetes and lower blood pressure in the body.  If you know that diabetes is in your family and are aware that you may be susceptible to diabetes. Then complying to a diet that can help protect and prevent you from being diagnosed with diabetes is recommended. What is also important is that you seek medical advice from your doctor regularly if you are concerned that you have diabetes.